Carry On (Victoria) currently provides accommodation for more than 100 Veterans, War Widows and their families across Victoria. The demand for this is three times what our current housing availability can accommodate.

Our housing assets are subsidised at the rate of 80% of the market value or to a maximum of 22.5% of the tenant’s income whichever is the lesser of the two amounts. This means that Veterans or their family member has certainty in their accommodation and is often paying well below market rate.

We have an urgent need for accommodation in rural and regional areas specifically Gippsland and Shepparton, where there is a concentration of veterans and no housing availability through Carry On (Victoria).

The Building Appeal is a fund dedicated to the construction of modern, suitable housing for Veterans on a long term basis.

The fund will be used to build the homes for these veterans in key areas of demand in Victoria and allow us to lessen the risk of homelessness in the veteran community which is nearly 3 times the average rate across the rest of the community.

Your donation will make a significant difference in the life of Veterans and their families for generations to come.