We all need help in different ways. There was a moment when I actually needed some assistance which was met by a representative of Carry On (Victoria) . Even though the help I needed was quite small, and maybe even insignificant in the eyes of the person who assisted, when we receive help at a time of need it will invariably leave an indelible impact in how we remember the support rendered.

Now, it is my turn to "pay it forward". My circumstances were unique, as is the case with anyone in need. Partnering with a trusted organisation equipped to deliver assistance when and where it is needed is important. There are many outstanding organisations doing valuable work to support veterans in need. I recognise that Carry On is among those organisations.

My home town where I grew up and was schooled in located in Melbourne, and so I have a strong association with Victoria. Recently, the Australian War Memorial published an article about some of the difficulties I encountered which have influenced my development as an artist, most recently winning this year's Napier Waller Art Prize.

I'm asking others to join me as I seek to raise funds for Carry On (Victoria) to equip them to impact the needs of veterans who find themselves homeless. There is a lot of shame associated with becoming homeless. More help is required beyond simply putting a roof over the heads of those in need.

COVID-19 has affected us all in different ways. This year I am running the Marine Corps Marathon in Sydney, which is typically held in Washington D.C. annually, but due to the pandemic has been rescheduled as a "virtual" event.

If we have learnt only one thing from COVID-19, it might be that only by working together can we really make a difference that profoundly affects the lives of others in a positive way. I'm running a marathon in the service of veterans in need. Rendering service is a marathon effort and your help will make a difference. Please join me as I take the next step. Matt Jones