Fundraising is not only vital for the strength and longevity of Carry On work, it also provides a great opportunity for volunteers and supporters to be practically involved in things that help support our Ex-Servicemen and Women and their families. Plus, many of the fundraising efforts are fun social events to be involved in! There are so many great ideas for fundraising – from small morning teas, or picnics, raffles and auctions, to sports days or trivia nights, or gala balls and dinners – each has their own reward, regardless of the financial outcomes.

As a charity, we must adhere to Australian fundraising legislation for events or activities held in our name, so if you have a great fundraising idea, you should definitely read through our Fundraising Guidelines before you get started. If everything checks out, your next step is to complete our Fundraising Registration Form and return it to us via email at [email protected]

When your registration has been approved, we will provide confirmation to you in writing and, as the legislation requires, you will receive an ‘Authority to Fundraise’ letter with your unique reference number and a ‘Fundraising Results Form’ that you will need to return to us after your fundraising is complete. This is an important document as you may need to show it when booking facilities, or requesting donations for your event or activity.

Once that paperwork is done you are ready for action! We will be involved in whatever capacity we can, so please let us know what you have in mind, and what support you think you might need. We have a passionate community and would love to ‘rally the troops’ (pardon the pun) and help you!

What Happens Afterwards?
First of all, you will be showered with praise and glory. Then you will need to fill out our Fundraising Results Form that was sent to you with your ‘Authority to Fundraise’ letter, after you registered.

The form can be returned by mail or in person to Carry On , along with a cheque or money order for the amount of funds that were raised.

The Fundraising Results Form still needs to be submitted though, so we can process the payment and again have your details so we can shower you in praise and glory.

Please quote your unique reference number, (provided at registration) in all transfers.