You’ve probably noticed that Carry On looks a little bit different these days.

What has changed?

• Carry On (Victoria) will now be Carry On as our services are available Australia wide.

• We've got a new tagline "Every Veteran Matters" so it's clear from the outset that we are a service for veterans.

• We've also updated our colours and logo to be inclusive of all services within the Australian Defence Force, which gives us a fresh look.

Why did you change?

We’ve faced a number of challenges with the previous branding. Those challenges meant we were limiting our potential to reach a wider pool of veterans.

Below are some of the challenges we addressed with the new look and feel.

  • Carry On was too ambiguous. It wasn’t clear from the outset that we are an ex-service organisation. Plus, some of our services are actually available Australia wide so we’ve decided to drop the ‘Victoria’ in our name.
  • The previous logo and branding were skewed towards the Army. The logo was the ‘Rising Sun’ is an Army/AIF symbol and didn't appeal to all services.
  • Branding looked dated and younger veterans didn’t think we were for them: We have a changing demographic with a lot of younger veterans seeking our services.

So our new branding needed to tick the following boxes:

  • Include a tagline that helps clarify what Carry On is about
  • Needs to be modern and embrace all Defence Forces
  • Reflect Carry On’s values and personality.
  • Appeal to veterans and their families.

What is the logo about?

The logo is made up of chevrons tilted to the side to form an arrow. It speaks to Carry On’s values of hope and purpose and symbolises ‘moving forward’ in life whilst the chevrons are a nod to the defence history.

Why did you use these colours?

We’ve chosen purple as the main colour since ‘Purple’ colloquially encompasses personnel from all services. Plus, the bold colours make it fresh and modern.

Why ‘Every Veteran Matters’?

We feel ‘Every Veteran Matters’ captures the spirit of Carry On. At Carry On, every veteran in need is truly supported and cared for on a personal level. You are not just another name. And, we’ve got lots of veterans on our team so we know what you’ve been through. You can count on us. Because your service matters, you matter to us.

Have any of the services changed?

Whilst we look a bit different on the outside, at the core, we are still the Carry On you can count on – an organisation that is supporting Veterans in financial hardship with emergency housing and financial assistance so they can get back on their feet.

We hope you love the new look as much as we do and it does appeal to you. If you do have any further questions or feedback, please drop us a message at [email protected]